Initially, the company was founded by Veli ARIKAN in the year of 1972 and was re-established as a main contractor in the year of 1993 by today’s owners and named as Arıkan Construction Limited.

Arıkan Construction put a significant breakthrough into the sector by winning the Trabzon Avni AKER Sports Facilities Construction contract held by Ministry of Youth and Sports in 1996. Said project was successfully completed within defined scope and time.

Arıkan Constructions Limited Company has also established numerous projects nearly in all regions of Turkey including Sports centers, hotels, schools, universities, dormitories, private residences, and construction developments of superstructure and infrastructures projects.

Recently, in the year of 2007, company won the tender of ADRINA 5 Star Hotel and Resorts construction project which is located on one of the best west-coasts of Turkey and has 550 beds in 246 rooms. Said project was delivered successfully and completed within 2 years which is shorter than the estimated project duration.

By the meantime technical and management capacity of the firm has been moved to an upper level with including the team of technical staff as partners of the company.

In 2009, company structure, both financial and technical, has been changed  as a Joint Stock Company and named as Arıkan Construction Inc.

Recently, in early 2012, overseas project department has been launched and the company won the tender of KT Manas University Faculty Building project as his first overseas project in Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan and has started bidding overseas projects.

The main principle behind the company is to become an organization that can compete at national and international market by giving priority to the productivity and quality in service output as a highly specialized main-contractor in construction business.