Occupational accidents are resulted from the fact that workers are not trained and do not work with due care and that employers fail to take necessary occupational health and safety measures.

          Occupational health and safety is among the most important issues in the World. An occupational accident has been occurring per six minutes in our Country, and one worker dies per six hour due to the occupational accident. This means that our 4 workers who go outside to work and earn money for their children are unable to turn back their homes. Statistics show that one worker per 2,5 hours has become unable and incapacity to work. This is a very sad situation.  In the statistics of occupational accidents we have been at  the first rank in Europe, and the third rank in the World. Our life should  not be so cheap.  In the investigations conducted it has been realized that 50 percent of the occupational accidents was such accidents that they could be easily prevented, and 48 percent of them could be prevented with a systematic work, 2 percent of them could not be prevented. This, however, reveals the fact that 98 percent of the occupational accidents could be prevented. Acting with the logic that preventing is cheaper than payment, if we could find out sources of danger in the workplaces and if we could take control of risks that may arise from them, we will be able to decrease accidents that may occur and well be able to eliminate dangerous environments. Of course, this study should be a team study and the team as a whole should work in harmony. Accordingly, these implementations have been called as the risk assessment works in the workplaces.

      So, to ensure our workers to work in a healthy environment, as well as to protect their physical and mental health the occupational health and safety measures as specified in the legislation must be taken. As the result of failure to take occupational safety measures, occupational accidents or occupational diseases have been occurring.   The most effective way to have protected against occupational accidents and occupational diseases is to set up and implement a proper working order in the workplaces in conformity with the principles of the occupational safety.

     Under the light of all of the foregoing information  Arıkan İnşaat Taah. Tic. San. A.Ş.   attaching priority to the issue of the Occupational Health and Occupational Safety, does want to have its activities performed in the sector for many years resulted with minimum occupational accidents, and thus, accepts and acknowledges that its workers’ health is   primarily important. Accordingly, considering that each and every occupational accident renders a serious burden on the Country’s economy,  Arıkan İnşaat Taah. Tic. San. A.Ş, being aware of also making an added value contribution to the present day economy of our country, without losing its sensitivity and concentration to the matter,  will also exercise its due care and diligence on its subsequent activities.